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This is not over yet…

Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Force commander (visiting the family of a victim in plane crash): Iran Plane Crash was something that the enemy imposed on us, and it was done by the enemy… We’ll surely take revenge for the blood of those who lost their lives in Ukrainian Plane Crash.

🔴 BREAKING: (Unconfirmed): IRGC’s Basij militias have attacked Amir Kabir university campus tonight. Internet & landline is cut & cellphones are jammed! Rumor about explosion & gunshots! It is not clear if the rumors are created by IRGC for PSYOPS or are true!

🔴 IRAN: Khamenei, to deliver a sermon, following by the Friday prayers.
This is his first time after 8 years, when he shows up, it (not necessarily) means something’s wrong!



🔴 Syria: Reports suggest 4 missiles successfully struck T4.

🔴 BREAKING: Syrian air defenses intercepted multiple projectiles in T4 airbase, Homs, Syria.

🔴 Encounter of U.S and Russian troops on a road near Hasakah, Syria.

🔴 BREAKING: Israel Air Force just carried-out a massive airstrike at various IRGC targets in Tiyas/T4 Air Base in Syria during which Delilah cruise missiles were used to not only destroy the targets rather neutralize several Pantsir-SA/S2E SAM systems of Syria around the base.

🔴 Attiva la difesa aerea alla base T4 della Siria.

🔴 Reports are circualting that the attack was conducted by drones. Syria

🔴 T4 military airport in the eastern countryside of Homs, Syria being targeted by a number of missiles and anti-aircraft units are engaging.

🔴 SYRIA: Early unconfirmed reports suggest hangars and barracks in T4 were struck by “hostile missiles”.

🔴 For those who don’t know T4 (Tiyas Air Base) houses Iranian backed militant groups and Russian troops. It has been targeted by the IDF/IAF on multiple occasions.

🔴 Berlin Conference on Libya: The GNA/Turkey agreement affects Greek sovereignty. So? Simple: Greece is not invited.

🔴 US Treas Sec Mnuchin says tariffs on China to remain in place until phase 2.

🔴 BREAKING: It is now confirmed that Field Marshall Haftar refused to sign the shameful ceasefire agreement which Russia had ordered him to do on-behalf of Turkey. Turkish dictator Erdogan is extremely angry over this decision of Haftar.

🔴 Ursula von der Leyen raccomanda di approntare un sistema di accoglienza europeo per i migranti che sia efficiente da Marzo. Allo stesso tempo ricorda l’importanza della difesa dei confini esterni dell’Unione. …quando parlerà a favore dei popoli europei e non di altri fate un fischio bello forte…

🔴 US To Expel 21 Saudis Flagged In Pensacola Shooter Probe.

🔴 Today, IRGC mobilized these Shiite clerics & Basij militias to Isfahan’s University of Technology to play role of students & protest against real students of the university who had participated in Iran Protests 2020 against Iran’s Islamic Regime yesterday.

🔴 First case of Wuhan pneumonia found outside of China (in Thailand) as scientists say it’s not as dangerous as SARS.

🔴 The Future of Nanotechnology in Medicine:

🔴 Recessions:

🔴 The World’s Most Innovative Economies:

🔴 Mapped: How Chinese Financing is Fueling the World’s Megaprojects:


🔴 BREAKING: It is now confirmed that Field Marshall Haftar refused to sign the shameful ceasefire agreement which Russia had ordered him to do on-behalf of Turkey. Turkish dictator Erdogan is extremely angry over this decision of Haftar.

🔴 Massive explosion at a chemical industrial plant in the city of Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain. People around the area are being evacuated and there’s a large presence of firefighters and other emergency services present.

🔴 Seeing 5 launched, two hit in/around the base. Katyusha rockets hit Taji camp” – Iraq/Baghdad

🔴 Iraq/Baghdad: A rocket landed near one of the gates of Camp Taji north of Baghdad, injuring a member of the security forces”.

🔴 Orban l-a pus șef la Cadastru pe un lider local PNL, cu afaceri în domeniu și zeci de contracte cu statul. …specialitatea PNL

🔴 POMEO: We’ve engaged in an economic, a diplomatic, and now a military effort to convince the Iranian regime to behave like a normal nation. With respect to the protesters, you’ve seen President Trump speaking directly to them. We don’t want any Iranian harmed.

🔴 CBS NEWS: Top-secret UFO files could cause “grave damage” to national security if released, says USNavy. 👀

🔴 Dopo 8 anni l’ayatollah Khamenei terrà il sermone alla preghiera del venerdì. sarà interessante ascoltarlo. tic, tac, tic, tac, din don…

🔴 BREAKING: According to Al-Arabiya [and local Persian sources]:
Security forces are preventing the students of Amir Kabir university from leaving the university!

🔴 BREAKING: In its annual assessment, Israeli Army estimates Iran will have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb by end of 2020.

🔴 Erdogan: Libya is a legacy of the Ottoman Empire and we have our Kuloğlu children there. We must defend them. …this really doesn’t go down well with many libyans…

🔴 Foreign Ministers of France, Germany & the UK: “Iran has continued to break key restrictions set out in the JCPoA. Iran’s actions are inconsistent with the provisions of the nuclear agreement & have increasingly severe & non-reversible proliferation implications”

🔴 BREAKING: Students of Medical University of Tehran have also joined the Iran Protests 2020 against Iran’s Islamic Regime over shot-down of Flight PS752 by IRGC. Students want’s withdrawal of the terrorist regime & prosecution of its terrorist leader, Khamenei.

🔴 Voice of the People from inside Iran:
“No Referendum, No Reform Strike, Revolution”

🔴 Another internet outage in Iran confirmed…

Confirmed: Nationwide internet disruption registered in Iran as of 5:25 pm local time (13:55 UTC); real-time network data show high impact to almost all providers; incident duration 10 minutes. – Internet4Iran

🔴 Tehran’s University Students can be seen chanting: “Our shame is our dumb Supreme Leader (Khamenei)” during the Iran Protests 2020 against Iran’s Islamic Regime over shot-down of Flight PS752. Iranians want withdrawal of the regime & prosecution of Khamenei.

🔴 Catalogna: il gruppo Tsunami Democratìc annuncia che a breve seguirà un nuovo periodo di proteste in tutta la regione.



🔴 Ion Iliescu n-a mai postat pe blog din 21 decembrie 2019… ca să știți…

🔴 Poate sunteți triști și doriți să vă înveseliți: PSD se oferă să intervină în criza iraniană, pentru “consolidarea securității României”. …nu, nu este o știre Times New Roman! Aștept și oferta PSD de luptă împotriva incendiilor din Australia.

🔴 After Soleimani, Russia and China Position Themselves for More Influence in the Middle East.

🔴 BREAKING: Erdogan threatens Assad regime with military action: “400K displaced Syrians in Idlib must be returned to their homes. If necessary we’ll stop regime’s attempts to break the ceasefire on our own. Everyone should see that we don’t joke, we will do whatever we say”

🔴 Secondo media vicini ad Haftar, il generale ha lasciato Mosca senza firmare l’accordo per la pace in Libia, con Russia e Turchia come garanti, perché voleva una clausola per l’espulsione delle forze turche e rifiuta la mediazione di Ankara. – Radio Radicale

🔴 Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani to visit Baghdad and Erbil.

🔴 Russian and Turkish sponsored cease-fire talks to end Libya’s civil war appeared to have unraveled after eastern military commander Khalifa Haftar reportedly left Moscow without signing the agreement.

🔴 Looks like Haftar stubbornness is being rewarded by somebody

🔴 MOSCA: Alla fine Haftar non ha firmato la tregua con Al Serraj. Tutto rimandato al 19 gennaio a Berlino. …mancava Gigi, senza di lui non si fa nulla…

La Saipem (ENI) farà accordi con la Gazpromp, e per Macron ci sarà una sorpresa…

🔴 Erdogan: 👀 The US Secretary of State: We are checking whether there is a legal basis to classify entities associated with the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists.


🔴 Haftar & his advisors/backers may have largely underestimated how much Moscow wanted this meeting to look like a success. By purportedly leaving without signing the ceasefire agreement, he de-facto embarrassed Putin – something that the latter will certainly not forget.


🔴 Iran’s President Rouhani says the operator who accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane is not the only person culpable. “Because I am somewhat familiar with the issue of air defence, I can say that one individual cannot be the only one responsible in this story.”

🔴 Qassem Soleimani’s daughter join Instagram.

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