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Can someone translate this ? Thank you!

🔴 An urgent new video uploaded by the Chinese doctor from the coronavirus quarantine zone in Wuhan. I need your help with translation and it’s very important we get it right before it goes out to major media outlets.

Let’s get the translation right – she said 90000 ren ci – which means 90000 people infected. If she meant 90000 people are dead she would have used 90000 ren siwang.

In mandarin she said in China around 90,000 people (infected or dead???) and if one infected person is not treated properly with the right medical care it can spread from one person to 14 others (1:14 ratio). She urged everyone to not go out and stay home. It is out of control.

She asked people to avoid going out. Especially during cny as because the disease is hard to treat and control without proper equipment. Also is seems that the virus has mutated since the beginning, which might change its ability to infect people making current measures ineffective.

I can understand this dialect, the summary: I want to share with everyone the situation here in Wuhan. Thus far, 90,000 people have ___, each person can infect more than 10 people. Right now the situation is unique, I hope no one leaves their homes. Do not have reunions.

🔴 “But the new virus could mutate into something more easily transmitted and more virulent” – this comes up every single time. It almost certainly won’t. Lets worry about the virus as it is now and not some mythical future virus. – Andrew Rambaut – Professor of Molecular Evolution/University of Edinburgh

🔴 Third case of Corona Virus now confirmed in France.

🔴 2,000 people who flew into the UK from Wuhan to be checked for symptoms of Corona Virus.

🔴 Cina/Wuhan: C’è panico tra popolazione, sfiducia e rabbia contro dirigenti Partito Comunista Cinese. Come 2003, quando SARS virus era stato tenuto nascosto per 3 mesi, censura e disinformazione aumentano rischi.


🔴 Death toll raised to 14, 270 injured. Turkey Earthquake

🔴 nCoV2019 sbarca in Europa. Confermati i primi due casi in Francia, a Parigi e Bordeaux. …fico, così Macron potrà imporre il coprifuoco...

🔴 Robertson Lab: Li et al have found a closer bat coronavirus! “nCoV-2019 was highly similar throughout .. to RaTG13 (Fig. 1c), with 96.2% overall genome sequence identity” they report 93% identity in Spike. –

🔴 Coronavirus: sembra rientrato l’allarme sul possibile contagio ad una donna rientrata da poco dalla Cina.

🔴 TURCHIA: Violento terremoto scuote il Paese alle 18:55 italiane. Magnitudo 6.8 richter a Deprem, avvertito anche in Israele, Siria e Iraq …sarà una lunga notte a scavare…

🔴 UPDATE: Turkish Interior Minister: “Unfortunately, 4 people have died in the earthquake in Elazig.” Turkey

🔴 A strong Earthquake was felt a few minutes ago near Beirut. Lebanon

🔴 Two confirmed cases of Corona Virus in France. The latest on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak: France has become the first country in Europe to report infections.

🔴 ALERT – The patient infected with coronavirus in Bordeaux has been in contact with at least 10 people since his arrival in France and before his hospitalization. He is a 48 year old man who passed through Wuhan and who came back from China.
Incubation period: 15 days.

🔴 Like clockwork, the China Education and Research Network CERNET has been shut down in Wuhan for the 3rd consecutive night with curfew applied at 00:00 am local time following 18 hour restoration; reason still unknown.

Curfew times: 00:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.

🔴 Confirmed: Significant internet outage affecting mobile and fixed-line networks in Elazığ Turkey from 9:00 p.m. local time (6 p.m. UTC) caused by magnitude 6.8 earthquake; internet and telecoms disruptions ongoing TürkTelekom Vodafone Superonline deprem

🔴 JUST IN: DoD spox Jonathan Hoffman says 34 US servicemembers have been diagnosed with concussions or TBI since the Jan. 8 Iranian ballistic missile strike on Al-Asad airbase in Iraq.


🔴 US President Trumps briefing on CoronaVirus:
– Is an airborne virus.
– Can survive on objects.
– Two week required for incubation period.
– CDC confirms third individual in the US has the virus.

🔴 Massive roadblocks being erected at Chinese Hunan-Hebei border in attempt to contain virus nCoV2019.

🔴 Ian M Mackai/virologist:

Discovery of a novel coronavirus associated with the recent pneumonia outbreak in humans and its potential bat origin
very unsnakelike; 96% identity with RaTG13 batCoV

🔴 Kristian C Andersen/Infectious diseases & genomics: No, snakes are not likely to be the reservoir for nCoV-2019. To investigate this unlikely claim widely circulated in the media, I performed a series of analyses to show that this claim is false and we still don’t know the nCoV reservoir. –


25 people have died, over 800 infected

– Cities with combined population of 30 million on lockdown

– Public transport suspended in 10 cities

– World Health Organisation declares emergency for China

🔴 La cronologia di nCoV2019, aggiornata a ieri. – Ian M Mackai/virologist

🔴 The first young patient died, at the age of 36 years old Wuhan coronavirus.

Li, male, 36 years old, was admitted to the hospital on January 9, 2020 because of:

Fever with fatigue for 3 days

– At the time of admission, the patient had a high fever, a chest radiograph showed bilateral lung infection.

Elevated white blood cells, and a diagnosis of viral pneumonia.

Oxygen, antiviral, anti-infective, phlegm, and anti-inflammatory symptomatic treatment.

🔴 By 10pm, Jan. 24, there have been 900 confirmed cases of coronavirus-caused pneumonia in China, acc. to The Paper’s statistics. A railway worker in Tianjin, China who hasn’t previously traveled to or worked in Wuhan is confirmed to be infected today.

🔴 According to this report by China’s state run media Xinhua News, fever/cough isn’t the only first signs of CoronaVirus, some people also started with digestive system symptoms, neurological symptoms and cardiovascular system symptoms. There is no order!

🔴 Chinese Army medic team(s) (PLA) en route from Shanghai, China to Wuhan to assist with Corona Virus.

🔴 We have officially confirmed 12 lockdowns and 1 partial lockdown. We’re expecting an update on a few other cities soon.

🔴 Il governo di Pechino ordina lo stop alla vendita di pacchetti vacanze da e per la Cina. …questa è un’informazione molto più densa di significato di quelle OSINT che non arrivano

🔴 CINA: I media del regime non mettono in prima la notizia del virus. …va tutto benevirus? quale virus?

🔴 La Cina sta dispiegando un poderoso meccanismo per il contenimento di nCoV2019. Chiusi Disneyland Shanghai fino a data da destinarsi e intere sezioni della Muraglia Cinese. Parallelamente aumenta il numero di città in totale o parziale quarantena. Ricordiamo che da ieri è interdetta la Città Proibita.

🔴 A weibo video posted by a person claiming to be a nurse in Wuhan Red Cross Hospital. She said medical workers and patients were stuck with three deceased in a packed hospital corridor. No one is here to take care of the bodies.

🔴 2 more confirmed cases of Corona Virus in Singapore, the health ministry is preparing/expecting more due to the high travel volume between China and Singapore. …to be honest, i’d imagine Singapore will have them isolated within minutes and there will be no issues…

🔴 Ieri è stata una giornata piuttosto interessante… Utilizzando i soli numeri ufficiali è successo quanto segue:

Mattina: 571 casi e 17 decessi
Pomeriggio: 644 casi e 18 decessi
Sera: 839 casi e 25 decessi

Chi ha un minimo di dimestichezza con la matematica capirà di cosa stiamo parlando… mediamente ogni 34 contagi uno stira

🔴 5th City of Tianmen will be going into complete lock down. Several other cities are in partial lock down by closure of public transport and other facilities but road networks remain open. China/CoronaVirus

🔴 Segnalazioni di sporadiche disconnessioni della rete internet a Wuhan, in questi ultimi minuti. Ci auguriamo che si tratti solo di problemi tecnici.

🔴 Protective clothing should be worn in the epidemic area. Do not drink or eat for four hours while wearing clothing.

🔴 Oggi il cancelliere tedesco Angela Merkel incontrerà ad Ankara il presidente turco Recep Erdogan. Sul tavolo non solo le relazioni tra Germania e Turchia ma anche Unione Europea e Turchia. … Merkel che prende ordini dal sultano… andiamo bene…

🔴 Police in Germany say there is a “large” operation underway in Rot am See following a shooting with several people believed to be dead and the suspect arrested. …send him/her to China…

🔴 USA/Iran/Iraq: Il portavoce USA Jonathan Hoffman da una parte conferma che le forze armate non hanno registrato decessi nell’attacco iraniano dell’8 gennaio alla base di Ayn al Assad, ma riferisce che sono 34 i militari USA curati per commozione celebrale ed altri sintomi.

🔴 Venerdì e sabato per la visita di Mike Pence divieti di sorvolo sulla Capitale e limitazioni nelle aviosuperfici del Lazio. Eventuali ingressi non autorizzati saranno soggetti ad azioni di difesa aerea.

🔴 BREXIT: Con la firma della commissione europea, si conclude l’iter dell’uscita del Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna ed Irlanda del nord dall’Unione Europa.
Ieri la regina Elisabetta aveva dato l’assenso alla legge parlamentare voluta da Boris Johnson. Il 31 gennaio si avvicina. – Angelo Gambella

🔴 BREXIT: Oggi il presidente del Consiglio UE Michel, e quello della Commissione europea, Ursula von der Leyen, firmeranno oggi l’accordo di uscita del Regno Unito dall’Unione Europea.

🔴 Breaking: Strong earthquake in eastern Turkey. Reportedly felt in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and of course Turkey.

🔴 “Non ho paura di dire che i Fratelli Musulmani sono alle porte del potere in Francia”, ha detto ieri al Senato la donna più coraggiosa di Francia, la giornalista di origini marocchine Zineb el Rhazoui, sotto scorta da molti anni.


🔴 Buongiorno a tutti, sintesi dettagliata di quanto sta accadendo in Cina con nCoV2019:

881 casi ufficiali, 26 decessi
9 città in quarantena, pari a circa 35 milioni di persone
70,000 cinema chiusi in tutta la Cina, da stanotte
– Nelle scorse ore è occorsa la seconda morte al di fuori dell’area di Wuhan, l’epicentro
– È stato calcolato in via preliminare l’indice R0 di nCoV2019: R0 ~ 1.4-2.5 foste interessati a comprendere meglio questo indicatore.

NB: l’indice R0 misura il tasso di contagiosità di un virus. Rimanete con noi, perché in mattinata pubblicheremo un approfondimento, nel caso –

🔴 Considerando che più è basso e “meno persone infetta”… Semplificando!
Paragone Ebola che è un 2, molto pericolosa oltre che mortale ma si auto estingue. Per questo non è mai stata pensata come possibile attacco B. Si muore troppo velocemente, si diffonde poco.

P. S. Il morbillo è peggio in questa scala

🔴 Definitely seems the situation in China with the Coronavirus Outbreak is much worse than China wants the world to believe. They wouldn’t lockdown entire massive cities with millions in population if this wasn’t a lot more serious. This is definitely something to really watch.

🔴 Unconfirmed rumors on China’s Weibo that Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak is worse than reported Shanghai alone allegedly recording 107 cases, 32 deaths citing unnamed “hospital sources” (official Shanghai data: 16, 0). Chatters also discuss unreliability of news & a city lockdown.

🔴 BREAKING: China virus toll jumps to 25 dead with 830 total cases, says government – AFP

🔴 TRUMP: A single Ebola carrier infects 2 others at a minimum. STOP THE FLIGHTS! NO VISAS FROM EBOLA STRICKEN COUNTRIES!


🔴 Very preliminary data shows that the Wuhan coronavirus is less contagious than SARS (this could still change due to mutation)

🔴 Shocking video said to be from a Wuhan hospital. Shows medical staff collapsing due to exhaustion(?)

🔴 Wuhan medical staff being infected at faster pace than reported – SCMP NEWS

🔴 Reports now suggest +100 medical teams from Sichuan have arrived in Hubei Wuhan to deal with the Coronavirus Outbreak China

Bellow is the task allocation table for the new teams to assist the local hospitals.

🔴 Construction begins in Wuhan to build a hospital, scheduled to be completed in six (6) days, to deal with the escalating epidemic Wuhan Coronavirus infection. In 2003, to control SARS, Beijing built a hospital in seven (7) days with a capacity of 1,000 beds.

🔴 One Chinese woman from Wuhan took medicine to reduce her temperature to avoid airport checks for the coronavirus. She flew to France and ate at a Michelin Star Restaurant, detailing it all on WeChat. Now the Chinese Embassy in Paris wants to talk to her…

🔴 Health authorities confirm suspected ncov2019 in Sydney. Person is in quarantine – 7News

🔴 Haftar minaccia di abbattere qualunque aereo solchi i cieli di Tripoli.

🔴 VIDEO: Footage of Auschwitz liberation reveals horrific conditions.

The images were shot by the Soviet Red Army in January and February 1945

Over a million people – most Jews, but also ethnic minority members, homosexuals and dissidents – were killed at the Nazi death camp.

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