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P O L I T I X 04/07/2018

🔴 As the United States of America celebrates its 242nd birthday, I call on all its citizens to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” by voting accordingly in the remaining primaries and the November 6 general election.

🔴 Amesbury couple are believed to be nerve agent victims. That’s all that’s known. Transmission mechanism unclear. What is interesting is not the Sputnik angle here- but the fact that much of the UK media has in-fact been pointing towards an alternative narrative ( i.e drug OD) today…

🔴 BREAKING: Syrian govt and its Russian ally pound rebel-held areas of the southern province of Daraa with the heaviest air strikes yet: monitor – AFP

🔴 Gran Bretagna: due persone in coma a causa di intossicazione con un agente nervino militare identico a quello che ha avvelenato Skripal

🔴 China’s ZKZM-500 Laser assault rifle is reportedly capable of hitting a target from a kilometer away, igniting flammable objects, and burning through human skin. And it’s ready for production, the researchers behind the project claim.

🔴 Russian President Vladimir Putin has named several military units after cities or other places in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and Romania, a step that may be seen as provocative by people in those countries. – RFE/RL

🔴 Francia scoperta cellula terroristica composta da due cittadini iraniani. Volevano colpire un raduno di oppositori.

🔴 Trump wants to first meet Putin alone, with no note-takers or aides.

Imagine the Tweet: “He assured me he did not hack our election, he only has peaceful intentions, he wants to disarm his nukes and has already stopped research.
Pompeo, finish it!”

🔴 Ukrainian armed forces conducted military exercises in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions this week as tensions rise with Russia over territorial claims in the Sea of Azov.

🔴 Pentagon: “Turkey’s two F35’s have arrived at LukeAFB in Arizona… the US Government maintains custody of the aircraft until custody is transferred to the partner. This normally occurs after the process of partner training is complete (1-2 years)”.

🔴 What about fate of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ?
“We continue to assess that he’s probably alive until he’s proven to be dead” director of the D-ISIS Core Task Force Christopher Maier told me back in May. Intel indicated Baghdadi likely in yet-to-be liberated part Syria.

🔴 Senate Intelligence Committee issues initial findings on its assessment of the 2017 US intelligence community assessment that Russia meddled in Election2016 “supported by the evidence”.

🔴 Lucca completed more than 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during six years protecting the lives of thousands. The goodest of all good girls!

🔴 A not all to common photo, Space Shuttle Enterprise with the payload bay open.

🔴 On This Day, one year ago, North Korea conducted its first successful ICBM test.


Sentinel-3B – Launch Live

Follow the Sentinel-3B launch live from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia on 25 April, with liftoff scheduled at 17:57 GMT (19:57 CEST).

Sentinel-3B will join its twin, Sentinel-3A, in orbit. The pairing of identical satellites provides the best coverage and data delivery for Europe’s Copernicus programme – the largest environmental monitoring programme in the world. The satellites carry the same suite of cutting-edge instruments to measure oceans, land, ice and atmosphere.

The webstream will include updates from ESA’s mission control in Darmstadt, Germany.

Via: ESA

POLITIX 04/04/2018

🔴 BREAKING: There has been an “incident” with an aircraft Nellis AFB. Air Combat Command will not go into detail at this time – crash, what kind of aircraft – but more on the way soon.

UPDATE: It’s not at Nellis. The aircraft went down on the Nevada Test and Training Range north of Creech AFB.

🔴 North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center: Major Activity at the Five Megawatt Reactor.

🔴 M4.3 earthquake (terremoto) strikes 55 km E of Perugia (Italy) 8 min ago.

🔴 Meanwhile, in northern Syria“US decides to build two military bases in Syria’s Manbij” –

🔴 Ukranian border service plans to detain all ships traveling to and from Crimea. – TASS

🔴 TRUMP: “Este iminent sfârşitul misiunii militare în Siria” …atâta timp cât vor exista mici grupuri ISIS, vor rămâne… adevărul este că acesta este “sfârșitul iminent” al regimului iranian și al sultanului turc… Armata greacă este în alertă, iar ministrul grec al apărării spune că “Grecia este vigilentă împotriva inamicului turc.”

🔴 Facebook action on Russia linked accounts. Authenticity Matters: The IRA Has No Place on Facebook.
This morning we removed 70 Facebook and 65 Instagram accounts – as well as 138 Facebook Pages – that were controlled by the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (IRA). Many of the Pages also ran ads, all of which have been removed. Of the Pages that had content, the vast majority of them (95%) were in Russian – targeted either at people living in Russia or Russian-speakers around the world including from neighboring countries like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. – facebook

🔴Rohany… i-ai spus lui Erdogan că suveranitatea siriană trebuie respectată și că Afrin va trebui să intre sub controlul guvernului legitim sirian ?!?! Bravo !

A ! ..lipseşte China !😊

🔴 No comment…

🔴 UK urged to counter “disinformation” from Russia over novichok.
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon says government must give more details of why it is sure Moscow was behind Salisbury attack. –

🔴 SIRIA: La Casa Bianca riferisce che la missione militare in Siria si avvicina alla fine. Questa dichiarazione fa seguito alle affermazioni del presidente Trump. Probabile però che Trump desideri ottenere finanziamenti sauditi per la permanenza di alcune basi sul suolo siriano.

🔴 Dragon is now approaching the ISS from its 30m hold point to just 10m away.

🔴 Sunrise at the ISS.

🔴 A view from inside the ISS, where Scott D. Tingle and Norishige Kanai are awaiting to capture Dragon.

🔴 As Dragon inches closer, you can see the small ISS symbol underneath the SpaceX logo indicating that this Dragon has flown before, on CRS-8.

🔴 GO for Dragon capture!

🔴 Capture Confirmed! Dragon now in the grips of Canadarm.

🔴 In the next hour or so, Dragon will be manoeuvred towards the Harmony Module for installation.

🔴 Dragon still making its way over to the Harmony Module.

🔴 Dragon in motion. Standing by for initial capture.

M’s Music – SpaceX Webcast Music

SpaceX Cargo Mission Launches to the Space Station Today

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Dragon cargo spacecraft toward the International Space Station today (April 2) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, hauling nearly 3 tons of experiments and supplies, including a lightning tracker, a materials-science facility, two student genetics experiments and much more.

SpaceX Webcast is now live

SpaceX will launch a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station on Monday (April 2) at 4:30 p.m. EDT (20:30 GMT).

Live coverage of the launch will begin at 4 p.m. EDT (20:00 GMT), and you can watch it live in the window above, courtesy of NASA TV. The CRS14 launch is the 52nd launch of Falcon 9, the 16th of Dragon, and the 7th SpaceX launch this year.

CRS-14 on its way to ISS

Dragon nosecone falls away.

Stage separate

Dragon separation! Note experiments in the trunk.

This is the 16th Dragon 1 flight. The capsule is C110, previously flown on the CRS-8 mission. The trunk and nose cap are, as usual, new.

And that’s mission success for Falcon. Dragon has some work ahead however.


Beijing, I have a problem !

Ma questo Satellite Cinese cade o no ?

…stiamo riempiendo anche lo spazio di rifiuti… che bravi che siamo…

Dați diamantele pe stele ?

De Ziua Îndrăgostiților vă dăruiesc imaginea unui inel cu diamante cosmice…

Photo Credit by ESA

Romantic ?
Dați diamantele pe stele ?

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