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M’s Animation – The Wishgranter

This is fantastic… wish I could happen with me sometime…

M’s Animation – The Secret Life of Pets

Max the dog, who won’t sit still…

Chloe, the grumpy cat.

, the camera hog.

, the dog who thinks a Christmas tree is the perfect place to relieve himself.

, the dachshund who tries to attack a pesky elf (who’s actually just his back end).

And Snowball the Rabbit who goes on a sugar rampage.

M’s Animation – What is love ?

I love this french animated short by Louis Clichy…

Clichy is an amazing illustrator, art director, animator, storyboarder… he currently works for Pixar and lives in Oakland.

M’s Animation – Monday Morning

Din cauza anomaliilor spațio-temporale, astăzi, în lumea mea, este luni 😊

Bună dimineața ! 

M’s Animation – The Egyptian Pyramids

Ce poate face o cămilă având la dispoziție o…  “telecomandă de piramidă” ? 😆


Azi împlinesc 50 !

Mulțumesc celor ce m-au însoțit, iubit, detestat și îndurat în această călătorie de neuitat…

M’s Animation – Ascension

Ascension is an animated short by a team of french animators and filmmakers.

It’s a heart-warming story of perserverance and determination in the mountains, showing that sometimes you have to experience failure in order to achieve a goal – even if it does cost you an arm and a leg…

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