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M’s Music – U2

U2 delivered one of their most intimate New York appearances ever when they played the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

The show, performed in front of 1,500 invited guests, featured the Sun Ra Arkestra for four songs during an encore. You can see videos and the full set list below.

The 18-song show opened with “I Will Follow” and included the tour debuts of “Out of Control”, “Angel of Harlem”, “When Love Comes to Town”, “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” and “Every Breaking Wave”. The audience included Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Van Zandt and Harry Belafonte.

Singer Bono dedicated “Stuck in a Moment” to the late chef and writer Anthony Bourdain, calling him “a great storyteller who had stories he couldn’t tell us.” “It’s been a funny, not funny few years,” he said. “We lost a lot of inspiring, useful people. And gained a few useless people. It’s hard to lose a friend, to lose a mate. This band has been through that.” He noted that he’d originally written “Stuck in a Moment” in memory of INXS singer Michael Hutchence, who died in 1997.

After the encore featuring the Sun Ra Arkestra – who’d flown in that morning from Australia, Bono said – U2 returned to their usual lineup to complete the concert with three more songs.


M’s Music – Love is bigger than anything in its way…

The door is open to go through
If I could I would come too
But the path is made by you
As you‘re walking, start singing and stop talking

So young to be the words of your own song
I know the rage in you is strong
Write a world where we can belong
to each other and sing it like no other
If the moonlight caught you crying on Killiney Bay
Oh sing your song, let your song be sung
If you listen you can hear the silence say
When you think you’re done, you’ve just begun
Love is bigger than anything in its way

M’s Music – Lou Reed

Perfect Day – An Intimate Portrait of Life With Lou Reed by Bettye Kronstad, review: An admirable job in presenting Reed as a misunderstood genius.

Lou Reed and Bettye Kronstad met in the hallway of a New York hospital in 1968. She was an 18-year-old student at Columbia and he was frontman of The Velvet Underground. “Hey, you! Beautiful!” Kronstad recalls his catcall, before he slapped her on the bottom.

In the building, coincidentally, to visit the same mutual friend, Reed hotly pursued this “normal” – looking girl, and they became a couple for the next five years. They were even married briefly in 1973, before divorcing, reconciling, then finally parting ways for good later the same year.

By Kronstad’s own account they were a fairly mismatched pair from the start. She wasn’t involved in the music scene, not even as a groupie, and she didn’t really drink, let alone take drugs, before Reed came along. They fell in love though, that much is clear, and she does an admirable job in presenting Reed as a misunderstood genius. He wanted to be appreciated for his writing, but could only find success as a songwriter and performer. He left the Velvets, for example, to pursue a career as a poet, taking a job as a typist in his father’s company and moving back into the family home on Long Island in order to fund his dream: the “lost years” to Reed aficionados, but for Kronstad the best in their relationship.


M’s Music – Too Late for Lullabies

It’s a sad song that has no end
It’s a bleeding heart that never mends
A minor miracle we can still pretend
After so long

Did the apple fall too far from the tree?
Did we get lost in the space in-between?
But the roots that we buried so deep
Will always be strong

Too late for lullabies
Too soon for it alright
Love takes its toll sometimes
Let’s start a clean slate, mistakes are moments in time

For every time you ever raised up your hand
I’ll give you mine to show you I understand
You taught me to fly by learning to fall
Ooo yeah

Love burns when it’s in the blood
And god knows I burnt you the best I could
How can three words be so misunderstood?
We got it so wrong

Yeah the greatest gift that you ever gave to me
You don’t know your strength ’till you’ve faced defeat
So when everything’s just out of reach
Keep holding on

Too late for lullabies
Too soon for it alright
Love takes its toll sometimes
Let’s start a clean slate, mistakes are moments in time

For every time you ever raised up your hand
I’ll give you mine to show you I understand
You taught me to fly by learning to fall

We built a brick wall but it’s all for nothing
Only bridges will cross this divide
We both know this road leads to nowhere
There is nothing left for you to hide

Too late for lullabies
Too soon for it alright
Love takes its toll sometimes
Let’s start a clean slate, mistakes are moments in time

For every time you ever raised up your hand
I’ll give you mine to show you I understand
You taught me to fly by love by learning to fall

Too late for lullabies
Too soon for it alright
Love takes its toll sometimes
Let’s start a clean slate, mistakes are moments in time

For every time you ever raised up your hand
I’ll give you mine to show you I understand
You taught me to fly by love by learning to fall

M’s Music – HAEVN

HAEVN was founded by songwriter Marijn van der Meer & film composer Jorrit Kleijnen, working from their studio in Amsterdam.

Before releasing any material they teamed up with Tim Bran, the acclaimed producer behind London Grammar and Birdy.

This collaboration resulted in the singles “Finding out More” and “Where the Heart is” and immediately attracted the attention of two major car brands who used HAEVN’s music in their advertisement campaigns.

This massive exposure gave the band a headstart and touring was the next step. Soon Marijn and Jorrit found their musical wings in guitarist Tom Veugen, drummer David Broeders and bass player Mart Jeninga.

In september 2015 HAEVN gave their first live performance. The unique combination of cinematic melodies performed by Marijns warm vocals has conquered the hearts of many musiclovers across Europe.

“Finding out more” received airplay on all major Dutch radio stations and got played over 7 million times on Spotify. Volkskrant, Trouw, and Spotify elected HAEVN as “one to watch” for 2016.

M’s Music – Santo Spirito Blues

Santo Spirito Blues is the twenty-third studio album by British singer-songwriter Chris Rea, released in 2011 by his independent record label Jazzee Blue and Rhino Entertainment.

The album as the Blue Guitars and The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes was another distinguishable project because besides the regular CD edition was released in a deluxe edition that contains 2 DVDs with documentaries Bull Fighting and Santo Spirito and 2 CDs with soundtracks of the documentaries.

Rea found inspiration for the album from the Italian church Santo Spirito, Florence (Holy Spirit) while was visiting his daughter.

In regard to the first documentary, he had interest in the topic of bullfighting and matadors like Julián López Escobar, however, when during his trip to Seville went to watch one bullfight he was horrified by the reality and soon went out, stating that “there are two sides to that story because even after the bull is half dead, the bullfighter still has to be really brave”.

The documentary Bull Fighting (59 minutes) is a raw and brutally honest chronicle on bullfighting, featuring neo-classical and Spanish-themed gypsy music, while the second Santo Spirito (55 minutes) looking like a Russian 1930s black and white film which features following a man on a search for the truth in religion in the city of Florence, a journey he may or may not wish he began.

The documentaries were written and directed by Rea with help of filmmaker Scott McBurney. Rea recalls that he did those films “just so that I could do the music”.

The second documentary was broadcast in September 2011 on Tagesschau German television service.


M’s Music – Moby

I think sometimes Universe is so tired, it’s old…

It’s speak to us, I want to breathe and reinvent all…

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