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M’s Music –  First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo that consists of the sisters Klara (vocals/guitar) and Johanna Söderberg (vocals/keyboards/Autosharp/bass guitar). When performing live, the duo are accompanied by a drummer, a pedal steel guitarist and recently a keyboard player.

In 2008, they became internationally known by their You Tube video cover of the Fleet Foxes’s song “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” that gained significant Internet popularity.

They have now released four albums, two EPs and a handful of singles. In 2015 they were nominated for a Brit Award as one of the five. – wikipedia


POLITIX 31/01/2018

Watch live as Falcon 9 launches GovSat-1 from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

– If you think the Moon looks big this week just wait… NASA Orion 2019.

– Cu 48 de ore înainte de deschiderea Jocurilor Olimpice de Iarnă, Coreea de Nord va arăta, în cadrul unei “maxi parade” 😎, toate rachetele cu rază lungă de acțiune din dotare.

nu i-a spus nimeni că proba de tir nu se face cu rachete ? 😆

Ismail Haniyhe – lider Hamas a fost identificat de către SUA ca terorist.

Amsterdam: partidul islamic “Amsterdam este al nostru”, luptă pentru primul loc în alegerile locale. …râd ca să nu plâng 😂

România: înzestrarea armatei merge strună… a fost revocat din funcție Florin Lazar Vladica, secretar de stat pentru armamente din Ministerul Apărării.
se pregătesc: un alt veterinar, un inginer de irigații şi un frizer de la PSD.

DOD official confirms Sec Def Mattis is considering ban on all cell phones, personal electronic devices, smart watches, fit bits etc… at Pentagon.

Interpol: 50 luptători aparținând ISIS au debarcat în Italia. –

– Avion de spionaj american interceptat, în mod periculos, deasupra Mării Negre de către un avion de vânătoare rus.

– Analizând datele afișate în videoclip de către FLIR, este posibil să geolocalizăm punctul exact în care a avut loc interceptarea, aici este…

– There is no doubt that the US could destroy most of North Korea’s missile infrastructure. But “most” can mean 50.00001%. Not good enough when it risks triggering nuclear war. –

– Train carrying members of Congress to GOP retreat in Greenbrier, West Virginia, involved in an accident. –

– Train collided with a truck. No members of Congress were known to be injured.

The Pentagon is planning for war with China and Russia – can it handle both ? –

– North Korea Missile Threat Brings Back Talk of ‘Star Wars’ Defenses –

Possible Feb 8th parade roster if DPRK sticks to the day of the sun parade format…


Possible new to parade

during the day of the sun parade we saw no appearance of HS-13 but newer canister based system using the Heavy TEL.

– DPRK has installed new Russian-made radio locators along sections of its 880-mile border with China to detect citizens placing illegal mobile-phone calls to friends and relatives. –

– Duamna Viorica pe “tuiter” 😆

POLITIX 29/01/2018

Breaking: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was “removed” from his post as the bureau’s second-in-command. THE STORM – Release The Memo was the Nail in the Coffin for FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

Kim Jong-Nam was killed shortly after he met with a US national: Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean’s leader, met a United States national at a Malaysian island hotel days before his sensational killing last February, a police official told a court hearing on Monday. –

– This powerful photo was taken in 1945. A train full of Jewish prisoners was intercepted by Allied Forces. This is the oment that they learned that they had been liberated.

On This Day in 1939: J Robert Oppenheimer hears about the discovery of fission. Within a few minutes, he realizes that excess neutrons must be emitted, and that it might be possible to build a Bomb.

This is Strava fitness tracker data at HMNB Clyde, a military base where Britain’s nuclear weapons are stored. How are the security checks so bad in these places, that employees are allowed to bring arbitrary electronic devices in close proximity to nukes ? 😆 –

Fitness-Tracker App Exposes Security Flaw at Taiwan’s Missile Command

A Russian military jet performed an unsafe intercept of a US Navy P3 surveillance plane today while it was flying in international airspace over the Black Sea – US defense officials says. The US pilots reported that the Russian jet came within 5ft of the US plane.

– USA: i soldati americani stanno rivelando informazioni sensibili e pericolose facendo jogging. Una mappa interattiva pubblicata su Internet che mostra dove si trovano le persone che usano dispositivi fitness come Fitbit rivela anche informazioni altamente sensibili sulle posizioni e le attività dei soldati nelle basi militari statunitensi.

La mappa pubblicata alla Global Heat Map, utilizzando le informazioni satellitari degli abbonati al servizio di fitness dell’azienda, non è live, ma mostra uno schema di attività accumulata tra il 2015 e il settembre 2017.

Nelle zone di guerra e nei paesi desertici come l’Iraq e la Siria, la mappa mette in luce le basi militari statunitensi e gli altri siti sconosciuti e potenzialmente sensibili – presumibilmente perché i soldati americani usano i fitness tracker mentre si muovono.

Il colonnello dell’aeronautica John Thomas, portavoce del Comando centrale degli Stati Uniti, ha dichiarato domenica che l’esercito americano sta esaminando il problema.

I militari non hanno risposto a una domanda su quali sono le norme in merito all’uso delle app di monitoraggio della forma fisica. Ma il Pentagono ha incoraggiato l’uso di Fitbit tra il personale militare e nel 2013 ne ha distribuiti 2.500 come parte di un programma pilota per combattere l’obesità.

Come nota il Washington Post il problema è anche che i percorsi rivelano le abitudini dei soldati e anche le rotte di pattugliamento, quelle di rifornimento tra basi e le soste abituali. Studiando queste mappe è più facile per i nemici attaccare i soldati statunitensi.

Ad esempio, in un sito nel nord della Siria vicino a una diga, dove gli analisti hanno sospettato che l’esercito americano stia costruendo una base, la mappa mostra una piccola quantità di attività accompagnata da una linea intensa lungo la diga vicina, suggerendo che il personale del sito si muova regolarmente lungo la diga.

US soldiers are revealing sensitive and dangerous information by

– Speaking of the Doomsday Clock, here is Donald Trump’s military aide carrying the nuclear “Football” aboard Air Force One for the trip to Davos, Switzerland.

– Some of the signatures on Fatman Atomic Bomb

POLITIX 23/01/2018

– After false missile alarm, Gov Hawaii couldn’t log on to Twitter. –

BREAKING: AP reporting that the National Tsunami Warning Center has canceled the tsunami warning for Alaska, however tsunami advisory remains in effect for some parts of the state. This is very good news.

Tsunami watch in effect for Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Johnston Atoll, Mexico, Midway Island, Northern Marianas, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Russia, and Wake Island.

Map of current tsunami watches and warnings. Red is the warning area, yellow is the watch area.

UPDATE: Alaska & BC have very low population density, and extensive stretches of rugged, uninhabited coast.

Upside: Fewer people exposed to risk
Downside: Extremely limited communications & transportation infrastructure during disasters

BREAKING: Significant earthquake : M8.2, 278km SE of Kodiak, Alaska, depth:10km

More than 300 people take part in Tokyo Evacuation Drill under the scenario of an incoming North Korean ballistic missile.

Russian bombers seen off California coast, NORAD scrambles F22.

Syria Kurds plead for support from US-led coalition.

USAID director visits Raqqah, Syria with CENTCOM Commander Gen. Votel

– Quick translation of statement from the Douma Medical Center – reporting strong smell of Chlorine and 21 patients struggling with respiratory issues after strikes early this morning (22/1/2018) –

The DPRK delegation has arrived in ROK for Winter Olympics Preparation.

Russia is stating that its a “training exercise”, but it looks like one of their six Pacific fleet Kilo class subs is a write-off.

POLITIX 20/01/2018


BREAKING: Ten peopled reportedly killed in Turkish attack on Afrin, including seven civilians, YPG spox tells AFP

BREAKING: Defense Secretary Mattis tells troops to “hold the line” and “Stay Alert” on this first day of a Government Shutdown.

UPDATE: Kabul: Hotelul Intercontinental se află sub asediul unui comando terorist.

Guvernul federal american este acum în regim temporar, având în vedere că nu s-a convenit asupra acordului privind legea bugetului. Blocate toate activitățile neesențiale.

Mattis: “Atenția Statelor Unite nu mai este îndreptată asupra luptei împotriva terorismului ci a confruntării cu celelalte mari puteri”.

Erdogan confirmă: au început operațiunile militare în Afrin. Nu ne vom opri.

Erdogan: vom cuceri Manbij.

Siria: Abu al Duhur Military Airport este în mâinile forțelor de guvernare.

US: un nou scandal la orizont… privind sistemele de supraveghere a cetățenilor.

Erdogan says Turkey has ‘de-facto begun ground operation’ on Syria’s Afrin.

There are two existential threat facing America: Climate Change and Nuclear War. The Trump plan to deal with these threats: pretend climate change doesn’t exist and build more Nuclear Weapons.

Chinese Foreign Ministry: A US guided missile destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of Scarborough Shoal/Huangyan Island. China defines this as a violation of its sovereignty.

Sec Def Mattis at Defense Strategy unveiling: “If you challenge us, it will be your longest and worst day. Work with our diplomats – you don’t want to fight the department of defense”

Mattis labels DPRK Iran “rogue regimes… oppressing their own people and shredding their dignity and human rights”

North Korea cancels plan to send “advance team” for performances in opening of South Korean Winter Olympics.
This comes after S.K Military labelled DPRK Olympic cooperation as an attempt to drive a wedge between U.S – S.K relations. It should be noted that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. This may be for reasons unknown. –

Recent New Jersey High School Graduate Now Commander of ISIS. – NTD News

Russian spy ship making annual espionage voyage off east coast of US, officials say. Victor Leonov currently sailing north from Caribbean, could be off Florida coast tomorrow. Last year, President Trump threatened to ‘shoot that ship that’s 30 miles offshore.

Putin takes a dip in the water during Orthodox Epiphany celebrations at lake Selige.
Meanwhile Tupolev TU214SR relay circling over.

– Last Monday, Belgian AirForce F16 intercepted two Russian TU-160 Blackjacks above the North Sea. Curious how the QRA looked like from the cockpit ?

Syria says it will shootdown any Turkish jets carrying out attacks inside Syria.

– London’s ‘Muslim Patrol’ aims to impose Sharia law in East London.

Elvis Costello – I’ll never fall in love again

What do you get when you fall in love?
A guy with a pin to burst your bubble
That’s what you get for all your trouble
I’ll never fall in love again

What do you get when you kiss a girl
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
After you do, she’ll never phone you
I’ll never fall in love again

Don’t tell me what it’s all about
‘Cause I’ve been there and I’m glad I’m out
Out of those chains those chains that bind you
That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you give your heart
You get it all broken up and battered
That’s what you get, a heart that’s shattered
I’ll never fall in love again

Out of those chains those chains that bind you
That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get lies and pain and sorrow
So for at least until tomorrow
I’ll never fall in love again

M’s Music – Scorpions

A very young Rudolf Schenker founded Scorpions in the provincial, post-war Hannover in 1965. Fifty years on, the German rockers released Return To Forever to coincide with the band’s golden anniversary.
This song finds the band reflecting on their long career.

Vocalist Klaus Meine said: “In the end, it tells our story. We’ve built this house called Scorpions brick by brick and often quite arduously. From the first days in Hannover, the first concerts abroad, until this very day”, he continued. “However, building the house was never just cumbersome, but joyful as well. The joy of music, the joy of having experienced and still experiencing it all, the joy of – and the thankfulness for – the fans’ affection. We have been working hard for this dream, but we’re thankful as well for having been able to live it, and for still being able to live it today.”

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