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🔴 BREAKING: China virus contagious between people: government expert.’s like the start of Contagion…

🔴 CHINA confirms human-to-human transmission of nCoV2019, president Xi warns “extremely crucial” to tackle disease.

🔴 Mercoledì riunione di emergenza dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità per valutare l’epidemia del nuovo corinavirus (nCoV) originato in Cina.

🔴 Facciamo il punto sul nuovo coronavirus che si sta diffondendo in Cina. La notizia di maggior rilievo è la conferma della trasmissione interumana, fatto che potrebbe determinare un aumento significativo dei casi. Sempre questa novità farà emergere la necessità di una vigilanza. –

🔴 Ministero salute: Nuova infezione da coronavirus: sintomi, raccomandazioni e domande più frequenti.
Il punto della situazione. –

🔴 IRAQ: Military aircrafts start flying over the Green Zone in central Baghdad, after a number of rockets have landed.

🔴 IRAQ: Two rockets landed near the Green Zone in Baghdad, and the sirens sounded at U.S. Embassy.

🔴 As usual the rockets are being reported as “Katyusha’s” and there are mixed reports between 2/3 rockets.

🔴 ISRAEL: Another explosion reported in Northern Gaza. At least one of these may be from an IED balloon.

🔴 Il governo tedesco è incline ad inviare, al momento, forze dell’esercito in Libia.

🔴 Israeli intelligence believe that Hamas will attempt to disrupt the world leaders summit in Jerusalem next Thursday. Israel reportedly informed Hamas that it will not hesitate to retaliate if they attempt to disrupt the meeting.

🔴 IRAN says Zarif not attending Davos as its organizers ‘changed its agenda’.

🔴 United States and Coalition Helicopters are flying all over the East Deir Ez Zor Countryside, along the Euphrates River, after ISIS Cells attacks on SDF in Al-Busayrah.

🔴 PLA war games picture circulated on Chinese Weibo. A map of Southern Taiwan in the middle. In the background it reads “Southern (Taiwan) Landing Operations Command Center,” with a map of sailing routes across the strait. Not necessarily an imminent danger of war but definitely a response to the Taiwanese election results and Tsai’s BBC interview.

🔴 Violences multiples,
Intrusions factieuses,
Attaques au Sida,
Manifestations émeutières,
Pogroms anti-travailleurs,
Terrorisme intellectuel…

Il est temps d’écraser ce nazisme une bonne fois pour toutes.

Les Français ont démocratiquement donné les pleins-pouvoirs à Macron.

🔴 Anti-government protesters block most of the roads in Baghdad.

🔴 One protester killed in Baghdad today – reports

🔴 Libia/Mappa: Posizione dei militanti siriani filo-turchi sul fronte di Tripoli.

🔴 IRAN lancia segnali su nucleare: porta del negoziato resta aperta (parlano a Europa).

🔴 Comparison between Boeing 737, Tomahawk, 9A331 launcher and 9M331 missile. The second photo is the University of Bern RCS simulation for Airbus 320. This RCS is very similar to Boeing 737 RCS.

🔴 An Italian book of 1926 for young children that narrates the heroic events of the Alpine troops in their early twenties, during WW1. The tales aren’t so far from what was really done…

🔴 Inside dinosaur bone

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