P O L I T I X 21/06/2018

🔴 More than 8 years after the first emergency bailout for Greece, the Eurogroup has reached a deal for the exit:
– 10 year extension on EFSF loans
– 10 year deferral on interest payments
– Final €15 billion tranche

🔴 Trump confirms he’s planning to meet with Russia President Putin and other leaders soon.

🔴 SIRIA: Report di un raid aereo su posizioni governative presso al Tanf. Da verificare.

🔴 Secondo un’indagine di PEW Research l’Italia è il Paese europeo dove sono più numerosi coloro che vorrebbero meno immigrati. In Italia gli immigrati sono circa il 7% della popolazione – dato EU Eurostat 2017

🔴 La Turchia ha ricevuto il suo primo caccia F-35 dalla LM in Texas. Nonostante il voto del Senato USA i turchi confidano di importare i primi due esemplari operativi il prossimo anno.

🔴 La crisi di governo in Germania sembra prendere corpo… Il ministro dell’Interno Seehofer sfida Angela Merkel: mi dovrei dimettere? Allora… si rompe la coalizione??? 😆

🔴 Maybe this is the beginning of something big. But it started off small…
Trump Got Nearly Nothing From Kim Jong Un. – defenseone.com

🔴 Senate appropriators adopt amendment to foreign aid bill forbidding transfer of F35s to Turkey if it goes ahead purchase of Russian S400 missile defense system.

🔴 Questions:
If US cancels deliveries of F35 to Turkey what will that do to the relationship and especially would it cause Turkey to demand the US removes the TPY-2 radar which is part of NATO BMD and US EPAA ?
If TPY2 goes, what happens to NATO BMD ?

🔴 State Dept US state dept spox: “The United States remains deeply troubled by reports of increasing Syrian Regime operations in southwest Syria within the boundaries of the de-escalation zone negotiated between the United States, Jordan, and the Russian Federation”

🔴 Hamas takes responsibility for firing a mortar towards an IDF base near the Gaza border today. IDF denies such an incident occurred.

🔴 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff Gen. Dunford spoke Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Japan Self-Defense Forces, Adm. Katsutoshi Kawano by phone Wed. & “discussed the current security environment in the Pacific region following the Singapore summit” according to the joint staff.

🔴 Sec Def Mattis says it will take an act of Congress to create Space Force: “it’s going to require legislation and a lot of detailed planning and we’ve not yet begun. I mean, we’ve clearly got to start the process.” Says he’ll discuss with NSA John Bolton Friday.

🔴 Sec Def Jim Mattis says he is “not aware” of any North Korean steps towards denuclearisation, saying “detailed negotiations have not begun”.

🔴 Iron Dome entered operational service in early 2011, and since then has been the most used missile defense system in the world. To learn more about Iron Dome, click.

🔴 National Selfie Day


P O L I T I X 20/06/2018

🔴 Trump: bambini e genitori immigrati illegalmente non saranno separati. Firmato un ordine esecutivo. Bravo !

🔴 President Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth during his trip to England.

🔴 Trump lists North Korea, Iran and trade as issues he has solved or is solving.

🔴 Just nowAs per the White House: President Trump will be signing an executive order ending the separation of families at the border.

🔴 Haze grey and underway.
USS John C Stennis getting underway.

🔴 ÎNALTA CURTE S-A VÂNDUT SRI: A fost desecretizat protocolul demențial încheiat în 2009 de directorul SRI George Maior, Procurorul General Laura Kovesi şi preşedintele Înaltei Curți – Nicolae Popa. Toate mandatele date pe siguranța națională sunt nule, după ce judecātorii ICCJ au renunțat la independența impusă de art. 6 CEDO şi au semnat contract cu SRI. Protocolul demonstrează că judecatorii erau obligați să dea SRI informații din dosare. Culmea, protocolul e încă în vigoare. – Lumea Justiției

🔴 Ci uniamo a tutti coloro i quali chiedono al presidente Trump di interrompere le pratiche di separazione tra gli immigrati clandestini in America ed i figli minori !

🔴 Greek unemployment in 1991: 7.7%
Greek unemployment in 2017: 21.4%
Greeks have lost 1/3 of their purchasing power and 1/4 of their income, 95% of them said they have difficulties getting by and 15% live in extreme poverty. The worse of all: the Greek lost their dignity by joining the EU and eurozone. Greece has been destroyed by the Troika.

🔴 SAA captures Dallafah & Musaykah along important militants supply-line, cutting off last corridor (basalt/offroad) to Lajat by fire. Operations continue southwards through hamlets (contested), seeking to outflank Busr Al-Harir from north.

🔴 Saudi Arabia’s deadline for accepting tenders to dig a 60-kilometre canal that will turn Qatar into an island will be June 25.
Five international companies with expertise in digging canals have so far submitted their tenders for the Salwa canal inside the territories of Saudi Arabia and alongside the Saudi-Qatari borders. The name of the winner will be announced within 90 days and the company will have one year to complete the task, Saudi daily Makkah has reported.
The planned canal, expected to cost SR2.8 billion (Dh2.74 billion), will stretch from Salwa to Khor Al Adeed, and will be 200 metres wide and 15 to 20 metres deep, allowing ships up to 295 metres long and 33 metres wide to navigate it.
Several resorts with private beaches in Salwa, Sakak, Khor Al Adeed and two in Ras Abu Qamees are also being planned.
Seaports will be built in Salwa and in Aqlat Al Zawayed and will complement the one in Ras Abu Qamees.
Marinas for yachts and water sports will be built on the two banks of the canal, making it one of the most attractive in the Gulf region.
The canal will be inside Saudi territory, making it fully Saudi, and will be about one kilometre from the official border with Qatar.
The plan will be presented to relevant entities, including the Ministry of Defence and the Border Police.
The project will be reportedly funded fully by Saudi and UAE private investors and that Egyptian companies with expertise in digging would help with the construction of the canal.
A Saudi military base will be established in the one kilometre separating the Salwa waterway from Qatar, while the remainder will be converted into a waste dump for the Saudi nuclear reactor, which Riyadh plans to build according to best practices and global environmental requirements.
In April, Saudi border guards took control of the Salwa crossing, effectively cutting off Qatar’s only terrestrial link with the outside world. – Gulf News

🔴 Se spune că ar fi în viață…
observați indicarea (vagă) a ariei geografice…

Late last week, a report suggested that wanted terrorist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who has been declared dead at least three times, might still be alive. In this latest twist, a Saudi magazine based in London, El Majaala, is reporting that two militant Islamist leaders arrested in Algeria said Belmokhtar is living somewhere along the lawless border areas of Mali, Niger or Chad.

Experts on Islamist radical movements in Africa said such reports cannot be dismissed.

“I think it’s quite possible he’s still alive,” said John Campbell, a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, and a senior fellow for Africa policy studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.

P O L I T I X 19/06/2018

🔴 A US defense official says Sec Def Mattis is opposed to Congressional attempts to block Turkey’s receipt of the F35 and is actively engaging with Congress to ensure that the Turkey/F-35 language in the Senate’s NDAA version does not make it into the final version.

🔴 BREAKING: US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has announced the United States is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, accusing the body of bias against US ally Israel and a failure to hold human rights abusers accountable. – CNN

🔴 Turkish PM Yıldırım reportedly says Turkey will not allow use of Incirlik AB to attack neighboring countries, including Iran.
Reminder: targets for US B61 nuke bombs stored at Incirlik are in Russia and Iran. Sitting nuclear ducks ?

🔴 Red alert rocket sirens sound in southern Israel.

🔴 The US is expected to announce that it is officially withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council today. Last year Nikki Haley threaten to disengage if substantial reforms were not made.

🔴 BREAKING: WORLD CUP: Brazil star Neymar has reportedly been injured as he hobbled out of Brazil training.

🔴 BREAKING: Yemen armed forces backed by UAE and Saudi Arabia reportedly gain control of Hodeidah airport – Al Arabiya

🔴 Rosaries confiscated from immigrants at the Arizona/Mexico border.

🔴 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is back in Beijing – his third visit in three months, the Washington Post reports this morning. There, China’s President Xi Jinping hailed last week’s optic-heavy summit as an “important step toward the political solution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.” That and more in Tuesday’s edition of The D Brief.

🔴 NATO has surrounded Russia
Figure: Russia’s borders to NATO countries, in red.

🔴 US Senate blocks F35 sales to Turkey – financial times

🔴 The US Senate passed an amendment conditionally prohibiting F35 sales to Turkey. PM Yıldırım says “The decision is an unfortunate development”. Meanwhile, the undersecretary for defence industries, Demir claims that “preparations for delivery ceremony are underway”.

🔴 Aviation Week reports that Pratt & Whitney, makers of F-35 engines, are proposing an upgrade that would allow for “directed-energy weapons” – in other words, F35 jets with Laser cannon. – aviationweek

🔴 EU Council decided to extend sanctions in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia until 23 June 2019. For specific prohibitions, see press release.

🔴 Fathers Day: These children stand in front of photographs of their dead fathers, in Ukraine.

🔴 World nuclear forces: reductions remain slow as modernization continues Global stockpiles:
🇷🇺 6850
🇺🇸 6450
🇫🇷 300
🇨🇳 280
🇬🇧 215
🇵🇰 140–150
🇮🇳 130–140
🇮🇱 80
🇰🇵 10–20

🔴 Redhawk F15C making a power climb under ominous skies.

🔴 Exercise Proud Shield 1988
Loading training models of B-61 Nuclear Gravity Bombs into RockwellB1B Aircraft Weapon’s Bay
Note: Also checkout the flight deck view and navigation/ weapons systems view.
Nukes B61 B1B.

🔴 FYI: there is already a Space Force. It’s called Air Force Space Command

meanwhile…. on the Space Force 😆

🔴 F-35 potrebbe ricevere nel prossimo futuro armi ad energia diretta (Laser). – geopoliticalcenter

🔴 Si annuncia una nuova corsa allo spazio dopo il discorso di ieri del Presidente Trump. Non solo privatizzazioni del settore ma concessioni extra-terresti per chi arriverà fisicamente sulla Luna o su Marte. Una nuova frontiera che aspetta , nella visione di Trump, nuovi coloni come nel Far West ottocentesco. – geopoliticalcenter.it

M’s Music – Love is bigger than anything in its way…

The door is open to go through
If I could I would come too
But the path is made by you
As you‘re walking, start singing and stop talking

So young to be the words of your own song
I know the rage in you is strong
Write a world where we can belong
to each other and sing it like no other
If the moonlight caught you crying on Killiney Bay
Oh sing your song, let your song be sung
If you listen you can hear the silence say
When you think you’re done, you’ve just begun
Love is bigger than anything in its way

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