🔴 In questo istante aprono i seggi in Emilia Romagna e Calabria. Chiuderanno alle ore 23.00

🔴 Shantou City has reversed the lockdown decision. Focus will be on disinfecting.

🔴 Virus respiratorio nCoV: Gli infetti superano quota 2000 e la curva di crescita non accenna a ridurre la sua pendenza, 25 casi fuori dalla Cina, e 5 nella città semiautonoma di Hong Kong. …nessuna novità dal parte dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità…

🔴 NEW: Coronavirus infections surpass 2000… approximate number is 2,024 (and growing). Chinese officials confirm 1st known case of human-to-human transmission. – Global Military Info

🔴 Updated list of countries:

Mainland China
Hong Kong
South Korea

Source: CDC, Bloomberg

🔴 CHINA: (efforts to curb the spread of the Wuhan virus)
– Shutting down public transportation
– Locking down entire cities
– Banning public gatherings and closing public venues
– Quarantining and blocking communities
– Establishing quarantine hubs and medical checkpoints

Global Military Info

🔴 3 cases of coronarvirus now confirmed in South Korea, patient is a Chinese national.

🔴 Here’s what we’ve seen inside Hubei Province where the coronarovirus outbreak started. China shots by ⁦EP Lawrence⁩ / Stephen McDonell

🔴 Coronavirus: from one food market to global panic. Articolo utile… – TheGuardian

🔴 WeChat announced on Sunday that it would shut down accounts spreading rumors about the novel coronavirus. It has also recruited a third-party agency to refute rumors circulating in the instant messaging app. – 2019nCoV

🔴 NEW: Shantou city (5 million+) will be commencing lockdown procedures on Jan 27th. Xian city (12 million+) halting public-transportation on Jan 26th. Corona Outbreak/China

🔴 BREAKING: Jiangxi province orders communities at risk of coronavirus to be “immediately quarantined and blocked”

🔴 NEW: The U.S. State Department says a charter flight will evacuate American diplomats and private citizens from Wuhan on Tuesday, Jan 28. The plane will go to San Francisco. Priority will be given to people at greater risk from coronavirus.

🔴 South Korea plans to charter a flight to evacuate its 500 citizens from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

🔴 Wuhan just announced it will build another Wuhan Coronavirus specialized hospital named “mountain of the thunder god” to add another 1300 beds in two weeks.

🔴 LONDON (Reuters) – Each person infected with coronavirus is passing the disease on to between two and three other people on average at current transmission rates, according to two separate scientific analyses of the epidemic.

🔴 Reuters: A second study by researchers at Britain’s Lancaster University estimated that the central Chinese city of Wuhan where the outbreak began in December will alone have around 190,000 cases of infection by Feb. 4.

🔴 Volunteers are sending supplies to Wuhan’s hospitals now
People have to save themselves.

🔴 BREAKING: Shanghai govt reports city’s first death from China virus – AFP

🔴 JUSTIN: MACAU recorded three more cases of nCoV2019 including one of a person travelling from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry on last Thursday.

🔴 Today Iran announced that they already have 1,200 kg of low-enriched uraniaum, apparently breaking a key nuke bomb threshold.

🔴 L’Iran supera le 1,2 tonnellate di uranio arricchito a bassa percentuale.

🔴 TRUMP: Iranian Foreign Minister says Iran wants to negotiate with The United States, but wants sanctions removed. FoxNews, OANN No Thanks!

🔴 Coafeze detaşate la Ministerul Culturii cu salarii de până la 13.000 de lei. „O bătaie de joc pe bani publici!“ – Adevărul.roDomnu’ Orban, cum era dom’le povestea aia cu bugetarii? 🙃

🔴 Queen Elizabeth take over Habsburg Emperor Francis Joseph I having served as a monarch for 24826 days! Chapeau.

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