Can someone translate this ? Thank you!

🔴 An urgent new video uploaded by the Chinese doctor from the coronavirus quarantine zone in Wuhan. I need your help with translation and it’s very important we get it right before it goes out to major media outlets.

Let’s get the translation right – she said 90000 ren ci – which means 90000 people infected. If she meant 90000 people are dead she would have used 90000 ren siwang.

In mandarin she said in China around 90,000 people (infected or dead???) and if one infected person is not treated properly with the right medical care it can spread from one person to 14 others (1:14 ratio). She urged everyone to not go out and stay home. It is out of control.

She asked people to avoid going out. Especially during cny as because the disease is hard to treat and control without proper equipment. Also is seems that the virus has mutated since the beginning, which might change its ability to infect people making current measures ineffective.

I can understand this dialect, the summary: I want to share with everyone the situation here in Wuhan. Thus far, 90,000 people have ___, each person can infect more than 10 people. Right now the situation is unique, I hope no one leaves their homes. Do not have reunions.

🔴 “But the new virus could mutate into something more easily transmitted and more virulent” – this comes up every single time. It almost certainly won’t. Lets worry about the virus as it is now and not some mythical future virus. – Andrew Rambaut – Professor of Molecular Evolution/University of Edinburgh

🔴 Third case of Corona Virus now confirmed in France.

🔴 2,000 people who flew into the UK from Wuhan to be checked for symptoms of Corona Virus.

🔴 Cina/Wuhan: C’è panico tra popolazione, sfiducia e rabbia contro dirigenti Partito Comunista Cinese. Come 2003, quando SARS virus era stato tenuto nascosto per 3 mesi, censura e disinformazione aumentano rischi.

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