🔴 Photo of the day from Moscow…

🔴 BREAKING: IRGC has mobilized thousands of its personnel & their families including Basij militias from across Iran to Tehran to attend tomorrow’s Friday Pray which will be led by Khamenei. They will show their support from dictator & readiness to suppress Iran Protests.

🔴 POMEO: The Iranian regime consistently lies to the Iranian people and treats them with contempt. Now it is barring thousands of candidates from running for parliament in a massively, publicly rigged election. Even Iran’s president says this isn’t a real election. The regime is losing legitimacy every day. The Ayatollah should listen to his own people, the world is listening.

🔴 LIBIA: Esclusiva di “Agenzia Nova”, ecco la bozza della dichiarazione finale della conferenza di Berlino. – agenzianova.com

🔴 Erdogan ripete le sue minacce relative all’invito di truppe turche in Libia.

🔴 Macron has said France will be sending the Charles de Gaulle to the Middle East to support French operations.

🔴 BREAKING: Funeral of victims of Flight PS752 in Isfahan. IRGC’s Psychological Operations teams have deployed loudspeaker equipped trucks to streets to create noise & prevent slogans of protesters be heard. People chant slogans against the regime & IRGC/Iran Protests 2020

🔴 In retaliation to the 4 rockets from Gaza into Israel yesterday the IDF targeted several sites affiliated to Hamas. One strike was conducted after a “roof knock” which signals the actual airstrike soon. Cameras are often set up after these knocks to capture scenes like this.

🔴 BREAKING: During a ceremony which was held in Nevatim Air Base just two hours ago, the second F-35 Squadron of Israel Air Force declared operation ready. 116 “Lions of the South” Squadron which once was operator of F-16A/B Netz is now officially an operator of eight F-35Is.

🔴 An IED balloon launched from Gaza into Israel was spotted by security forces near the border. Upon approach the device detonated, no injuries sustained.

🔴 BREAKING: IRGC backed Houthi rebels managed to shoot-down another armed drone of Royal Saudi Arabia Air Force. A CH-4B UCAV was shot-down at Al Jawf Governorate of Yemen by means of using R-27ET air-to-air missile launched from a land based launcher.

🔴 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi names 7 impeachment managers who will prosecute the case against President Trump:

• Rep. Adam Schiff
• Rep. Jerry Nadler
• Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
• Rep. Jason Crow
• Rep. Val Demings
• Rep. Zoe Lofgren
• Rep. Sylvia Garcia

🔴 Siria/Mappa: Le quattro località passate, ieri sera, sotto il controllo dell’esercito siriano dopo scontri con i miliziani. – Angelo Gambella

🔴 Su Sky TG “Il sistema elettorale francese porta alla stabilità…” …allego immagine della stabilità…

🔴 PM of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said he will put veto in EU on any peace agreement in Libya if the memorandum between GNA and Turkey is not cancelled. “Greece will never accept any political solution that cannot reverse this memorandum”

🔴 Al via in Grecia l’esperimento pilota degli ospedali a conduzione mista (metà privata, metà pubblica)ancora non hanno ucciso abbastanza greci…

🔴 Inside the reactor room of a Project 941 Akula Class. NATO reporting name Typhoon. And a peek inside. …dont stand around too long….

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