M’s Music – Gotan Project

The atmosphere of Gotan Project live performance at the Casino de Paris…

Gotan Project show is a total sensual experience, enhanced by the stunningly evocative visuals of Prisca Lobjoy, whose work as Gotan Project artistic director has played an integral part in shaping the Gotan aesthetic right from the start.

Lobjoy stage visuals offer the viewer a landscape rich with fragmented, abstracted images that literally pulse with the music as if caught in the dance. We see dancers fall from the sky,a golden girl swings back and forth, surreal fairy tales unfold before one s eyes.

As sensual and erotic as the music itself, Lobjoy films complement the muscularity of the music with their physical beauty. It has been said that her quirky vision fits the nature of tango like a glove…

Buon sabato sera in allegria!

Source: Amazon.com


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