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POLITIX 06/07/2019

🔴 Domani l’Iran annuncerà che salirà al 5% nel processo di arricchimento dell’uranio.

🔴 La petroliera britannica BW GEMINI dirige verso lo Stretto di Hormuz.

🔴 Nucleare, Teheran: arricchiremo l’uranio in quota maggiore.

🔴 BREAKING: Britain “should be scared” of Iran’s retaliatory over the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker, said Mohammad Ali Mousavi Jazayeri. a member of the Assembly of Experts.

🔴 CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE:– 7.1 magnitude, with epicentre near Ridgecrest- Felt in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and much of the state- Strongest quake in almost a decade- 6.4 magnitude quake at same site on Thursday- State has had 25 felt earthquakes in past 36 hours

🔴BREAKING: Another MASSIVE earthquake strikes California 7.1 MAG preliminary eq strikes 70 miles NE of Los Angeles California. Shaking felt as far down as Dodgers stadium. Shelter in place orders have been issued by local emergency management. This is the 19th felt earthquake in Southern California in the last 36 hours.

🔴 China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station which is the advanced naval test base at the epicenter of the 7.1 MAG earthquake today has sustained massive monetary damage and is currently on backup generator power according to reports.

🔴 Estimated population in the felt area: 4.7 millions inhabitants.

🔴 Major Damage being reported on the Naval Weapons Station. Magnitude 6.9 1/2 mile deep 5 miles North of Ridgecrest.

🔴 A NWS NTWC buoy off of the coast of California just went into “Event Mode” signifying an abnormal water level in the area. This detection system is an early warning for a possible tsunami or seismic event that has yet to reach land.

🔴 Multiple Units being sent to Ridgecrest numerous structure fires. Roaming and assessing damage. MAJOR stuctural damage being reported.

🔴 Earthquake(Update): 911 calls coming in from NW communities of San Bernardino County. Homes shifted, foundation cracks, retaining walls down. One injury (minor) with firefighters treating patient. No unmet needs currently.

🔴 EarthquakeLA: 1 Day after a 6.5 eq and 100’s of aftershocks, the epicenter of the 7.1 EQ 6 miles deep today has occurred on Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, an advanced naval base that tests and develops experimental weaponry. There is a subterranean component of the base.

🔴 EarthquakeLA: Many seismologists are saying that if the energy is not dispersed east or south (meaning if medium earthquakes don’t occur to the south or east of california) there is potential for a larger than 7.1 earthquake in southern California within the next 48 hours.

🔴 “Every earthquake makes another earthquake more likely, and that’s what we’re seeing right here.” – USGS Seismologist Lucy Jones

🔴 We have word of wires down (never touch!) and *localized* power outages in several City of Los Angeles neighborhoods. Our citywide survey by LAFD crews continues, but besides a handful of apparently small issues, NO major damage to infrastructure has been identified.

🔴 Disneyland temporarily shuts down rides following 7.1 earthquake.

🔴 Pictures from Trona show damage. A portion of SR178 has buckled near the railroad track. David Surles who sent the photos says residents are fleeing the area in wake of the 7.1M quake. The entire town lost power again.

🔴 New surface rupture from latest earthquake. 35.64900, -117.48240

🔴 Major damage to Hwy 178 north of Ridgecrest after M7.1 earthquake. Pictures from Caltrans8/twitter

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