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M’s Music – Nothing to fear

I feel your heat in dusty whispers
The wind is cold around your moon
It’s getting hard to keep our distance
I know your time is coming soon
Don’t point your dream on my horizon
Don’t take your rose too far from home
Please don’t forget we’re not each other
Each soul has black thorns of his own

I see you dancing
Your song is clear
You’ve got to show me, got to show me
There’s nothing to fear
Nothing to fear
I have my loved ones you have yours
So let us gaze upon the feast
In God’s own name let’s eat together
In God’s own name please come in peace
See how our children play together
While you and me we stand alone
I know we’ll never be each other
If I leave you leave me alone

M’s Music – Road Songs for Lovers

The album, Road Songs For Lovers, continues Rea‘s obsession with travel and motion and includes songs with titles such as Happy On The Road, The Road Ahead, The Last Train as well as Road Songs For Lovers itself.

Although best known in the U.S. for the 1978 hit single “Fool (If You Think It’s Over)“, he has achieved enormous popularity in Europe and the UK, selling well over 30 million albums.


Lasagne di borragine in cocotte per #seguilestagioni

Air Bus

Aria di casa in arrivo !

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