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Viața este…

A celui care atunci când întinde mâna prin pat găseşte pe cine ar vrea să fie.
A celui care uită de telefonul mobil fără să-și piardă iubirea.
A celui care sărută şi nu a celui care trimite un sărut.

A celui ce iubește și nu a celui ce promite că într-o zi va iubi.
A celui care este şi nu promite că într-o zi va fi…

M’s Music – Fleetwood Mac

Sara” is a song written by singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks by British-American pop/rock band Fleetwood Mac as a single from the 1979 Tusk double LP.

The album version is 6:22 minutes and the edited version is 4:41 minutes. The song peaked at No. 7 in the US for three weeks, No. 37 in the UK for two weeks, No. 11 in Australia and No. 12 in Canada. Its success has led to it being included in various later best-of albums such as 2002’s The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac. states that the song is about an aborted child Nicks had with then-boyfriend Don Henley. Henley himself has suggested this to be the meaning of the song. In a 1979 interview Nicks said “If I ever have a little girl, I will name her Sara. It’s a very special name to me.” Nicks later said in a September 2014 interview with Billboard magazine: “Had I married Don and had that baby, and had she been a girl, I would have named her Sara… It’s accurate, but not the entirety of it.”


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