M’s Music – Νότης Μαυρουδής

Born in Athens, Notis belongs to a generation of Greek composers who base their songs on poems and the lyrics of well known lyricists. He studied classical guitar at the Greek National Conservatory with Dimitris Fampas and graduated in 1969 with distinction.

He continued his studies in Spain and in Milan, where he later taught classical guitar at the Scuola Civica di Musica. Returning to Greece, he began composing, broadcasting musical programs on Greek radio, published the classical guitar magazine TAR and writing numerous articles for newspapers and magazines.

In 1963 he began composing songs and pieces for classical guitar, many of which have won international competitions. These works have been extensively recorded by the most prominent musicians and singers in Greece.

His music exemplifies Greece, using traditional folk instruments intrigrated with classical guitar, with eastern coloring and expressive melodic. He is the director of ” TaR – Online Musical Magazine, mostly on the guitar”  and “TaR on Demand Radio” (www.tar-radio.com)

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