Animation of the day – ” UN Vote ”

The vote represents an important step towards a more effective protection of economic, social and cultural rights within the United Nations …

The animations shows how individuals suffering from ESCR violations will, if the vote is passed and ratified, be able to present communications on ESCR before a UN Committee and bring about effective change for themselves and their communities.

See more videos at: Protect the


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One response to “Animation of the day – ” UN Vote ”

  • mickelasblog

    Da, bine zice la sfarsit toti avem drepturi … si totusi … se pare ca este un adevar in acest citat:
    “Omul s-a nascut liber, dar pretutindeni el se afla in lanturi.Unii se cred stapanii celorlalti,dar nu-si dau seama ca sunt mai sclavi decat acestia” – Jean Jacques Rousseau


Nu ciocăniţi ! ...ies eu din când în când.

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